What You Do

Maintain your membership with PCG.

Keep records of all your business transactions.

Fill in your Excel Cash Book with all of your bank receipts, purchases bank charges and so forth - from your Bank Statements.

Reconcile your Excel Cash Book to your Bank Statements.

Complete Excel Expense claims for your business  expenditure from supporting vouchers paid out of your own pocket and fill in your business mileage.

Prepare your VAT Return and send it to HM Revenue and Customs - if you're VAT registered.

Invoice your clients and collect your money from them.

Complete dividend minutes and tax vouchers for each dividend you declare. 

Send copies of your VAT Returns, your completed and reconciled Cash Books, your bank statements, expense claims and supporting vouchers, your sales and purchase invoices and the dividend vouchers to us as soon as possible after your year end.

Send us your personal tax information - interest statements, dividend vouchers, details of capital gains and any other income - as soon as you can after the end of the income tax year (5 April).

If you prefer, scan all of these documents and save them onto a CD and send us that instead - or if the file size is not too large, zip them up and e-mail them to us.

And phone us if you need some help!

And lastly - pay your taxes.