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An analysed expense form including business mileage claim under Fixed Profit Car Scheme rules. Captures VAT, and yells if the VAT calculation is wrong. Sheets are protected. expenses
This program is typical of many cash flow spreadsheets pulled together during the 1990s, and is quite limited in what it can do. Maintaining such a spreadsheet on a monthly basis is cumbersome, and once you start developing  them further, the scope for error rises quickly with complexity. We include it here as an example of what not to use if your modelling needs are anything more than basic. cash flow
This is a very simple analysed cash book, used for really simple accounts. cash book
This is a more complicated analysed cash book, used for quarterly flat rate VAT returns. Use very carefully! FR VAT CB
This is a more sophisticated cash book, used for quarterly VAT returns. Clients of Charles Tye, LindseyTye and LTMS please ask your contact for the multi-period version which includes Invoicing, Purchases, Cash Expenses, Credit Card, Director's Loan Account and Dividend minutes and vouchers. CB & VAT
Templates for dividend vouchers and supporting directors minutes. dividends
We like to use "small caps" as a format - but where is it in Excel®?  Use this macro to create it! smallcaps
Illustration of SumIF to rank scores and conditional formatting using 2008 F1 Championship results. F1 Results
Do you need to check a UK 9 digit VAT number for validity? This small VB routine computes the checksum from a VAT Number and compares it against the last two digits of the VAT number. VAT
We knocked this Sudoku solver together over Christmas in 2004 using  Excel® and Visual Basic®, and have now updated it so that it solves every puzzle we've tried. Including the really really hard ones. sudoku
These programs and spreadsheete contain Visual Basic code and macros. Whilst we have taken every effort to ensure that they are safe and present no danger to you, your computers, your children or anything else, You use the programs at your own risk and we accept no liability whatsoever for damage caused as a result of using them. Always use your anti-virus software to scan downloaded software.  

















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