LindseyTye Chartered Accountants

Management reporting

Our aim is to deliver timely, accurate and relevant management accounting information so you can make better informed business decisions.

To achieve this, we optimise existing accounting systems, or if necessary, manage the transition to a new system, improve the reporting of the accounting information, both from a technical standpoint and by ensuring the right information reaches the right people at the right time, improve the control environment of the business, and by training and supporting key staff.

We will look at your nominal ledger and re-structure it in a manner conducive to direct analysis and also build as much detail as is practical into that structure as it is far better to have your data sorted from the outset than to wade a through an unstructured mess later!

And once in use, this costs very little extra time in data entry.

For reporting we prefer the power of spreadsheets and to access the data directly through data links rather than to rely on the usual report writers found in accounting systems.

This gives us the freedom and all of the power of the modern spreadsheet to deliver useful flexible reports quickly.

These two things, structure and reporting, can enhance your management accounting considerably, and should always, in our view, be your first step before upgrading your system.

If by sorting out the reporting and structure you can solve your information needs, you should do this rather than spend more on software.

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